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How to Avoid Injury… While Raking

October 17, 2017

Chiropractic Care to Help Save Your Back While Raking Leaves

The splendor of the fall season in southeastern Wisconsin is the brightly colored foliage. Unfortunately, that beauty falls away, and you’re left to rake it all up! But before you march outside with rake in hand, you’ll want to take care to avoid injury and steer clear of starting the holiday season laid up from simple yard work.

According to the American Chiropractic Association, “The twisting, turning, bending and reaching of raking can also cause injury if your body is not prepared. Like an athlete, if you leap into something without warming up or knowing how to do it, [then] the chances of injury are greater.”

The most common injuries from raking leaves are upper- or lower-back strain, neck strain and pain in the shoulders. So how do you avoid back strain while raking this fall?

Tips to Avoid Injury from Fall Yard Work

There are several ways to avoid back injury and strain while doing fall yard work, and many of them have to do with proper stretching, correct technique and ergonomic tools:

  • Warm up and Cool down: Stretching without bouncing for 10 to 15 minutes before and after yard work will help keep your body safe from strain and pain. Ideal exercises to warm up and cool down include knee-to-chest pulls, trunk rotations, side bends and a short walk to stimulate circulation.
  • Stay Upright: While raking, stand as straight as possible without hunching your back, and avoid bending your head. A “scissors” stance is recommended: placing right foot forward and left foot back for a few minutes, then reversing and putting your left foot forward and right foot back.
  • Rake Leaves and Grass into Small, Manageable Piles: This decreases the risk of back strain. Then transfer the leaves into bags by bending at the knees, not the waist.
  • Wear Supportive Shoes: Footwear featuring proper support can prevent strain from affecting your back.
  • Stay Hydrated and Protected: Drink plenty of water, and wear a hat, protective glasses, and gloves. Wearing a mask is smart if you have allergies, and so is wearing hearing protection if your equipment is loud.
  • Take Advantage of Cool, Autumn Air: Avoiding the midday heat is recommended.

These tips and tricks will help keep you healthy through the fall season. However, if you do feel soreness or stiffness in your back, then use ice to soothe the discomfort. If there’s no improvement in two to three days, then see your chiropractor.

How Chiropractic Care Can Help

Top local chiropractors, such as Dr. Steven Kennedy at Wignall-Kennedy Chiropractic, can assess your situation, diagnose and treat a wide range of musculoskeletal injuries, including those sustained from a day of raking leaves. Wignall-Kennedy Chiropractic can also get you started with a treatment plan of chiropractic care and pain management. Wignall-Kennedy Chiropractic is conveniently located in Wauwatosa, servicing patients from across the Milwaukee area.  Call 414-257-2575 today, to schedule an appointment!

How to Prevent Back Pain at Work

October 17, 2017


Whether your job involves heavy lifting, hours of standing, or sitting at a desk and typing all day, it’s important to take steps to maintain a healthy back at work. As anyone who has experienced back pain can certainly tell you, a sore back can totally ruin your workday, as well as your productivity and enjoyment of your job. We’ve compiled a list of steps that you can take, starting today, to prevent back pain while you’re on the job.

Stand Up
You’ve likely read by now the phrase that “sitting is the new smoking.” While this may sound like hyperbole, the World Health Organization points to physical inactivity as the fourth leading risk factor for mortality, accounting for 3.2 million deaths worldwide each year. Sitting for hours on end puts pressure on your spine, and will eventually produce lower back pain. Prevent this by standing a bit each hour, or invest in a stand-up desk if possible.

Check Your Posture
Turns out that Mom was right about posture! Excellent posture not only looks better, it helps keep your spine in alignment and your back feeling great. Proper seated posture includes keeping both feet on the floor, your back straight and tall, and your shoulders drawn back. Make sure that your weight is evenly distributed from right to left, and never cross your legs for more than a few moments at a time. If you stand a lot at work, be sure to stand on the balls of your feet, keep your knees soft, tighten your core, and pull your shoulders up and back, while keeping them relaxed away from your ears.

Stay Balanced
While minor imbalances in your workstation would not cause a problem if you were only there for a few moments, 8 hours of any imbalance will surely result in a sore back. Look for little things that you habitually do, like cradling a phone between your ear and shoulder, or constantly leaning to one side because of your desk setup. Try to find a way to balance things out so that you’re seated in alignment for as much of your day as possible.

Take a Break
If possible, step away from your workstation every hour or so. While it would be great to stop work and take a walk regularly, sometimes that’s not possible. Try to force yourself to stand up, have a little stretch, roll your shoulders, turn your head from side to side, and take a couple of deep breaths. Even a walk to the water fountain can clear your head so you can get back to work feeling better, inside and out!

Watch the instructional video below for some stretches Dr. Kennedy suggests for staying comfortable at your work desk!

If you’re experiencing back pain, the team at Wignall-Kennedy Chiropractic Clinic can help! Visit us online, or call 414-257-2575 today to start living pain-free!

When Should You See a Chiropractor?

October 11, 2017

Not Sure When the Right Time is to See a Chiropractor? 

Everyone experiences pain or stiffness sometimes, whether it’s a sore lower back, a stiff neck, or migraines. Sometimes these aches and pains go away on their own, but if they continue or worsen, it becomes necessary to see a specialist. This is where chiropractic care comes in. While most people think of back and neck pain as the main signals that it’s time to schedule a visit, your chiropractor can help in many other areas as well. Here are some other signs that it’s time to see your chiropractor:

  1. Chronic Muscle or Joint Pain
  • Your sore hamstrings or aching knees may actually be due to an imbalance or misalignment in your spine. Adjustment can often help relieve this pain without resorting to prescription painkillers or surgery.
  1. Frequent Headaches
  • Misalignments in the neck and upper back are often the cause of chronic headaches. Many migraine sufferers have reported a decrease in episodes with the implementation of chiropractic care.
  1. Sitting for Most of the Day
  • Recent studies have suggested that sitting for extended periods of time may be as bad for your health as smoking. Sitting all day can result in poor posture and added pressure on your back and neck, resulting in alignment issues, as well as back and neck pain. Chiropractors can release that added tension caused from sitting in one spot all day.
  1. A Recent Accident or Injury
  • Much of the damage from accidents or sports-related injuries may not be immediately noticed. Even seemingly minor accidents can cause serious damage to your body, and a chiropractor is trained to detect and remedy these injuries.
  1. You Have an Active Lifestyle
  • Especially if you’re the “weekend warrior” type, it’s likely that your body takes a bit of a beating. To ensure that you’re able to maintain this active lifestyle for years to come, regularly scheduled chiropractic visits are highly recommended.
  1. Sharp Pains, Weakness or Numbness
  • A sharp pain down the outside of your leg or weakness or numbness in your extremities can signal a slipped disc or a pinched nerve. Chiropractic adjustments can help alleviate the pressure that is frequently at the root of these symptoms.
  1. Poor Range of Motion
  • If you’ve been noticing lately that you can’t reach your toes or look behind you like you used to, it may be time to enlist the help of a chiropractor. Regular adjustments can help improve flexibility and range of motion.

The chiropractor at Wignall-Kennedy Chiropractic Clinic has the experience and knowledge to address your needs. Visit us online or call 414-257-2575 today.

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