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Athletic Injuries

June 27, 2019

When you’re an athlete, injuries are unfortunately very common and can happen to anyone that participates in a sport. Whether you’re a competitive athlete or simply a weekend warrior, the effects of these injuries can be detrimental.  Your injury may force you to miss a Milwaukee Marathon or Madison IronMan. Maybe your entire high school or collegiate sports season gets put on hold. Or maybe your weekend golf outing at Whistling Straits has to get cancelled. 

It was an athletic injury that first introduced Dr. Kennedy to chiropractic treatment.  It’s also why today, the Wignall-Kennedy Chiropractic practice focuses heavily on the effective and efficient treatment of sports injuries. They use the best techniques available to get you back to your sport while also teaching you ways to prevent future injuries by improving your strength & conditioning.

Athletes bodies are placed under stress that can exceed what a body typically experiences in an ordinary day. This high level of physical activity often leads to torn tissue and joint trauma, knee damage, ankle sprains and other similar medical issues.

These injuries often cause significant muscle pain, swelling, and inflammation within the body. Chiropractic treatment of sports injuries can not only provide pain relief, but can also help rebuild long-term muscle-strength for athletes dealing with:

  • Pinched nerves
  • Neck injuries
  • Muscle spasms
  • Joint pain
  • Muscle, tendon and ligament tears
  • Sprained ankle 

One thing many athletes like about chiropractic treatment is that it allows them to recover naturally from a wide range of pains and ailments. After a comprehensive examination and understanding of the history of the injury, a treatment plan is designed with the goal of getting you back doing the sport you love.

So what do treatments involve? Many times, the objective is to optimize the movement of the spine (ie. spinal discs), improve muscle strength, and decrease muscle spasm. Spinal manipulation and joint dysfunction involves short pushing or gentle movements of the affected joint towards the restricted direction. If the affected muscles are extremely tight, Dr. Kennedy may apply more stretches.

Outside of the treatment at their office, Dr. Kennedy also recommends different kinds of exercises, such as stabilization, that can be used as part of your chiropractic care and treatment of sports injuries for optimum results. The goal is to not only to get you back to your sport but keep you healthy while doing it. 

If you’re dealing with a sports injury that has you sidelined from activity, schedule a Chiropractic Examination at Wignall Kennedy Chiropractic Today!

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