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Monthly Archives: December 2020

How A Chiropractic Visit Can Help Prevent the Cold & Flu

December 7, 2020

Cold and flu season has come again and everyone is doing what they can to prevent the unwelcome symptoms that can keep you unfocused and tired throughout the winter months. One way to keep the sniffles away is visiting a chiropractor for adjustments to your neck and spine. How is this possible you say?  It’s easy when you consider the science of your immune system.

Our immune system is supported by the lymphatic system which is a network of organs, lymph nodes, lymph ducts, and lymph vessels that help move white and immune blood cells into the bloodstream and remove dead blood cells and waste. White blood cells are important for fighting infection. How do these lymph cells move throughout the body you ask? Why it’s the musculoskeletal system of course! This means that the motion and contractions of your muscles are supporting your immune system.

We also know, according to the National Institutes of Health, that the central nervous system (the brain and spinal cord) and the lymphatic system are connected. Therefore, to keep your immune system in tip-top shape your spine and muscles need to be in perfect order. So, a simple visit to your local chiropractor can help prevent the contraction of the cold or flu.

The team at Wignall-Kennedy Chiropractic Clinic is available to help no matter what the thermometer reads and is conveniently located in Wauwatosa serving clients throughout the Metro Milwaukee area. Call 414-257-2575 today to schedule an appointment!

For more information on the flu and how this year’s strain is different, click here.

How to Avoid Cold Weather Back Pain

December 6, 2020

With temperatures dropping below freezing, you have plenty to stress about without the added irritation of ongoing back pain. While cold weather doesn’t necessarily cause back pain, it does create several scenarios resulting in serious muscle tension. Here are a few tips and tricks to combat any back pain caused by the winter chill.

  1. Stay Warm – Our bodies adjust to the climate we live in, so any significant change in weather can cause your body to stiffen. When there has been an extended period of warm weather and then a sudden dip into cold temperature your muscles, tendons, and ligaments can tighten and become less flexible. To combat this, try to stay as warm as possible. More layers = more flexibility.
  2. Stretch – When your muscles and tendons tighten you can become more prone to back injuries. Stretching when you first wake up and regularly throughout the day can prevent muscle tension and keep your ligaments flexible all day long. Without stretching, your body will not be prepared for activity and as you will see in tip #3, activity is important for avoiding back pain.
  3. Exercise – Often when the bitter cold winter sweeps through town it can discourage you from keeping up with a regular schedule of exercise. Understandably, you don’t want to venture outside for a morning run or evening bike ride, but not exercising can be the worst culprit for nagging back aches. Indoor exercises, like yoga, swimming, or treadmills, can be just as exciting work outs while remaining nice and warm. Yoga, specifically, incorporates both exercise and stretching and can be done from the comfort of your own home. Watch the video below for easy stretches you can do at home!

  • Avoid SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder can be caused by chilly temperatures, less sunlight hours, and often, stressful holiday obligations. SAD is a type of seasonal depression and depression is regularly linked to aggravated back pain. Attempt to keep the winter blues at bay by finding ways to get more light throughout your day, improving your diet by avoiding carbs, getting up early, keeping yourself busy, and sometimes even meditation.
  • Visit a Chiropractor – If you’ve tried all of our tips above and you are still experiencing joint or back pain, the best point of action may be visiting your local chiropractor. The team at Wignall-Kennedy Chiropractic Clinic are always here to help and are conveniently located in Wauwatosa. Call 414-257-2575 today to schedule an appointment!
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