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How to Avoid Golf Injuries Pt. 2

August 29, 2017

There are a plethora of injuries associated with golf. Back pain to tendinitis, even sciatica; none of them are fun or easy to remedy. As a certified chiropractic sports physician, I thought I’d write about the best ways to PREVENT said injuries, most of which occur as a result of lack of flexibility, poor conditioning, too much play or poor techniques. These type of injuries can be prevented at any age level.

One of the most important and effective methods of prevention is developing a solid swing technique. An improper swing can create a ripple effect of ailments throughout the entire body.

Key Factors to developing a great swing:

  • Stance: your stance should be feet shoulder width apart, knees semi-bent, back/buttocks area slightly tensed, with shoulders squared with the ball
  • Backswing: The average backswing lasts 1-2 seconds and requires a lot of strength and coordination from your core, arms, and hips. The triangle made from your shoulders the club shaft should be maintained until the club head passes your back foot.  At this point, your right elbow should bend while your back and buttocks rotate, keeping your shoulder and hip muscles engaged.
  • Downswing: This is the point where the most force is required. This, in turn, creates the most risk for your body. Here, by shifting your weight to your front leg, you activate your posterior hip muscles allowing your center of gravity to be in front of the swinging club. Make sure to keep your knees bent at this point.
  • Follow Through: As your swing finishes, muscles attempt to slow down while absorbing force. Your upper body should end up facing down the fairway with a slight extension while the majority of your weight should be on your front foot. To prevent over rotation and excessive motion, balance, strength, and stability are critical.

If there are any persisting points of pain that you feel during your golf season, reach out to a sports medicine specialist to diagnose and prevent any further damage or recurring issues. As with any exercise program, it is important to consult with a medical professional before beginning something new. Proper preparation before, during, and after physical activity is key to keeping your body strong, flexible, and properly engaged, therefore, preventing injury.

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